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Production Samples - take 2

Women's Recovery Center
​Capital Campaign video

The Women's Recovery Center of Cleveland is in dire need of repair and hopefully, a new facility. This video was created to raise awareness and capital funds to  expedite the process, and as we're happy to report, with great success.

National TV promotion

Ted produced a national tv promotion for the IMPACT segment of CNN, which brought the latest global issues and news topics to Sunday evenings. The spot was shot on a Miami Beach bus; graphics and edit in London. As thought-provoking as it  is simple.

Mr. Hero - Work Hard, Play Hard

Local TV commercial

Mr. Hero is a staple in Northern Ohio, with "we don't mess around" tastes for the same kind of people. People who work hard and play hard want food that satisfies, and nobody does that better than Mr. Hero. 

Ohio State Waterproofing
Regional TV campaign

A wet, musty basement, especially one with an attitude, signals trouble for the home owner. The guy in the wall is seen across the Midwest, trying to convince everyone he's fine just like he is...

Village Pantry
Branding TV campaign

We have a long history of animation expertise, including this spot featuring farm animals for Village Pantry in Indiana. Original animation was created by the same guys who created the Ren & Stimpy Show, Spumco, from LA.

​Trade School Recruitment video

Springfield Clark Career Training Center is a great alternative for high schoolers looking for a future in the skilled trades. This video is sent to prospective students who might be seeking a different path to career success.

Cleveland Clinic
Online Appointment Rollout Video 

World-renowned Cleveland Clinic recently unveiled its unique online doctor visit program, and we created an easy-to-understand infographic-driven video that precluded the program's implementation. New patient signups far exceeded CC's expectations with the help of the video.

shocc comix
Local TV brand image

Ted oversaw production of a series of award-winning tv spots promoting a comic book store in Columbus, creating an fitness-challenged superhero to extol the virtues of reading about superheroes as opposed to actually being one. A must see... 

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